Friday Faves (12.21.12)

It’s almost Christmas. Seriously. It’s almost Christmas. We’re already in Cali to spend the holidays with our families and I’m getting really excited about having so many people I love all around me. I adore noise and laughter and food and chaos. I hope you’re savoring the last waning moments of this Christmas season, and truly getting to enjoy being with people you love. Here’s a few other things I dug this week:


This rustic chocolate cake pic.

Monet’s baby announcement (woohoo!)

Freaking cute dog/cat pic.

This article on the dangers of protein shakes.

This homemade french onion soup recipe.

Eucalyptus mint body wash.

This cinnamon vanilla chai body scrub recipe.

Bottle cap tea lights.

Adaptogenic herbs for stress relief (just in time for Christmas!)

Sourdough pancakes.

Is your tuna really tuna?

This chunky sweater.

Homemade chocolate lip balm.

Sweet potato, black bean tacos.

Real food gingerbread latte in crock pot.

Homemade real food hot buttered rum.

I love split pea soup.

Best gifts for babies this Christmas.

Bourbon balls, baby.

Real food white chocolate cranberry bar.

I wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Love love.

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